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Magic: the Gathering

60 cards. Classic Magic.
Come check out Standard Saturdays and play Magic the old-school way!

Three rounds of fun with plenty of prizes at the end.

2:30pm - $15 entry

Pure, simple, multiplayer fun!

Like Commander? Play some great games and meet some great people at our two weekly Casual Commander nights!

Every Monday and Thursday night sees our Commander players come together for some very laid back games. There's no prizes for winning so bring your decks along and just have some fun!

Mondays and Thursdays
5:30pm - $10 entry

Experience the chaos.

Bored of the same old games? Join us for Chaos Commander where we have a special rule every week to spice things up!

Want to get a sneak peek at next week's rule? Next week's rule is revealed at every week's Chaos Commander so you've got a full week to brew something spicy for next week!

There's no rounds or pairings, no winning or losing at Chaos Commander - but we encourage you to play against different people and see what other kinds of decks the rest of the community are building!

12pm - $15 entry