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Magic: the Gathering - Events at Unplugged Games

60 cards. Classic Magic.
5:30pm - $15 Entry

Come check out Pioneer Friday Night Magic and play Magic the old-school way!
Three rounds of fun with plenty of prizes at the end.

Bonus Championship Points for this event!

Pure, simple, multiplayer fun!

Like Commander? Play some great games and meet some
great people at our two weekly Casual Commander events!

Every Monday and Thursday night plus Saturday Morning sees our Commander
players come together for some very laid back games.

There's no prizes for winning but we will give away promos so bring your decks along and just have some fun!

5:30pm - $10 Entry (Included Free Standard Booster Pack For Playing)
10 Player Championship Points for This Event

5:30pm - $10 Entry
10 Player Championship Points for This Event
All players will begin with an unaltered preconstructed deck. This can be any Commander precon deck, from 2013 to present, Warhammer decks and starter decks included. The idea of this league is to have a level and fun playing field for both established and newer players, and to gradually improve our decks together so that the matches remain consistent and engaging.
Each week we'll all play in randomized pods on a Monday night at the store, beginning on the 24th of April at 5:30pm. Entry will be $10 a week, which will go towards a booster pack that can be added to your deck at the end of the night.
In addition to the booster pack added to the deck, each week every player will be allowed to spend a '$10' budget to improve their precons with cards from their own collection. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend the money to buy cards. If you have cards sitting at home that you think would be a fit for the deck, you may add them, however you can only add $10 worth of value to your deck each week. If you wish to add something over $10 in value, you may 'bank' any remainders for next week. Prices will be based off the cheapest tournament legal printing of the card in near mint condition as listed on Card Kingdom at the time the card is added. New players are welcome and will retain the weekly budget to add to their decks. However, they will not recieve the booster for attendence for the weeks they missed out on. 
For example of the system would work, if I wish to add a Lightning Greaves to my deck on the first week and it's cheapest printing is $10.99 I would not be able to add it because as it's over my budget. So instead I decide to add a Talisman of Dominance, which is $1.79. I would add it to my deck and have $8.21 remaining budget. The following week I will allocated my next '$10' budget, bringing my total to $18.21, I can now add the Lightning Greaves bringing my remaining budget to $7.22.
If you find you're not enjoying your deck and have another precon you'd like to play, you can absoluetly switch to another precon. You'll get your budget 'refunded', and you can use it to update the new deck. For example, if you switch decks on week 5, you'll have $50 budget to add to the new one. For now we won't set a date on when the league will end, we'll just keep it going until there is a call for it from the players.
All players will be added to a Facebook group in which they will submit the changes to their decks. (
There will be weekly event posts which you'll comment the changes to your deck. If you miss a week you'll still be allocated your 'budget', however you will miss out on the pack you can add. The booster pack you can add to your deck must be opened in front of others, and listed on the facebook group if you wish to add them to the deck. If you do not wish to be part of the facebook group you will have to submit your changes in store in written form so I can post and log them on the facebook page.


Magic the Gathering - Ravnica Remastered - Launch Party - Draft

Ravnica Remastered takes your players back to Ravnica, featuring cards from each Ravnica block that celebrate the plane's incredible history. Encourage your most dedicated Ravnica fans to come to your store so everyone can represent their favorite guild!

When: Saturday 13th of Jan 2024 1pm

Where: 3/132 Dawson Street Lismore 2480

Cost: $30 per player

For more information and tickets, go HERE

Magic the Gathering - Murders at Karlov Manor - Prerelease

The highest-profile murder needs the highest-profile detective. Uncover clues and follow leads to solve the mystery as Ravnica's greatest detective dives into the dizzying depths of intrigue with Murders at Karlov Manor.

Friday will be our Casual Prerelease where all players will recieve equal rewards with a few give aways.

When: 5:30PM Friday 2nd of Feb 2024
            1PM Saturday 3rd of Feb 2024

Where: 3/132 Dawson Street Lismore 2480

Cost: $60 per Event

 For more information and tickets go HERE - FRI  /  HERE - SAT                


Unplugged Games - Magic: the Gathering - 2024 Grand Championship

Saturday & Sunday December 7/8 2024 - 11:00am
Day 1 - Draft - $25 Entry
Day 2 - Pioneer - $15.00 Entry
The top 32 Pointscorers from our events throughout the year will be playing off for our annual Grand Championship with heaps of prizes for all players and with the Grand Champion's name inscribed onto our MTG Grand Champion Plaque for eternity!


Grand Champion - $500 Store Voucher + MTG Collector Booster Display TBA
Runner Up - $200 Store Voucher + MTG Set Booster Display TBA
3rd - $100 Store Voucher + Prize TBA
4th - $100 Store Voucher + Prize TBA
5th-16th - 4 Standard Set Booster Packs
16th-32nd - 2 Standard Set Booster Packs


From 2 January 2024 to 2 December 2024, every time you play Magic at Unplugged Games you will score championship points as follows:

  • Friday Night Magic - 10 Points for Playing + Reverse Position Points
  • Monday PRECON Commander - 10 Points for Playing
  • Thursday Commander - 10 Points for Playing
  • Saturday Commander - 10 Points for Playing
  • Saturday Draft - 20 Points for Playing + RPP
  • Special Events (Pre-Release, Store Set Championships, APAC Qualifiers etc.) - 50 Points for Playing + Double RPP
  • BRING A FRIEND! - If you bring along a new player to Unplugged for the first time, you will receive 50 BONUS POINTS

On 2 December all points for the year will be tallied and the top qualifiers announced on our Facebook Group and our Webpage. If a qaulifier is unable to attend the championship, their place will be allocated to the 17th placed point-scorer and so on.


Reverse position points are awarded for selected MTG events we hold. The number of points awarded are based on the number of players at the event.
If there are 8 players at an event, the winner will be allocated 8 points, runner-up allocated 7 points, 3rd place 6 points and so on.
The key to this is the more players, the more oppotunity to score points. This means that if you are a competant player it will be worth your while to invite and encourage new players to come to add to the points pool (e.g. 12 players is 12 points for the winner) BUT..If you thrash every player all the time, they may not come back. So play strong, play fair and most importantly make it fun!



Rory Phillips 238
Jacob Porter 157
Adrian Schooth 150
Jaka Adamic 135
Jamie Rogers 102
Rocco Mico 96
Conner Smith 90
Reg Tickle 88
Eli Waters 86
Liam Watts 86
Taj Wilson 83
Aaran Bow 80
Will Hughes 80
Ashwin Bulmer 71
Coby Brown 70
Steven Carr 70
Randall Hopson 54
Benjo Pratt 50
Julie Westman 50
Kayleen Johnston 50
Reggie Ayling 50
Vincet Westman 50
Dylan Wheeler 42
Charlie Stormonth 40
Damon Baume 40
Joel Parer 40
Justin Page 40
Keegan Isbester 40
Kyle Greenhalgh 40
William Genge 40
Abe Gilligan 33
Eddie Mico 30
Finan Garvey 30
Josh Enoch 30
Sal Mico 30
Tea Smith 30
Caitlin Smith 20
Cameron Burgess 20
Connor Poynting 20
Corban Marshall-Jochinger 20
Delphine Yaffa 20
Indie Yaffa 20
Josh Cole 20
Liam Fraser Quick 20
Manu Pritchard 20
Stephen Miller 20
Jacob Cornwell 19
Logan Sentence 11
Brebdan Rickard 10
Cooper Lake 10
Ethan Rickard 10
Lachlan O'Sullivan 10
Milos Nagy 10
Zayne Higgins 10