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Dungeons & Dragons

The world's greatest role playing game!

Delve deep into dungeons, overcome powerful foes, earn cool magic items and meet new people in our weekly Explorer's League events!

Both Tuesday and Wednesday nights run the same adventure so if you miss one night you can come to the other night and catch up on what you missed!

Explorer's League is perfect for newer D&D players, but we welcome players of any experience level.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays
5:30pm - $10 entry

A custom campaign for the world's greatest role playing game!

Each and every week is a custom crafted experience by our passionate team of Dungeon Masters.

Because we have limited space, bookings are essential - please call ahead before coming along!

Awakenings is designed for experienced D&D players.

5:30pm - $25 entry
Pre-pay for sessions and save money:
  • $25 - 1 week
  • $65 - 3 weeks
  • $180 - 10 weeks