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Ultimate Guard KATANA Card Sleeves - Japanese Size - WHITE

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Protect your cards like a Samurai would with our brand-new Katana sleeves! Honoring the tradition of pristine Japanese craftsmanship, these precision-made and extremely durable sleeves are ideal for tournament gameplay. They are fully opaque, great for shuffling and meet the highest standards of players and collectors.

100 Sleeves per pack, made in Japan


Extra High Clearness - Made of premium polypropylene, the industry standard for clearness and usability of card sleeves

For Tournament Gameplay - Subject to tournament approval - Fully opaque, anti-reflective surface and no holographic logos

Extra Long Lifespan & Durability - The extra durable material prolongs the lifetime of your cards and keeps them playable, even during heavy use

Perfect Shuffling - The sleeves’ material properties are perfect for hassle-free shuffling

Acid free, no PVC - This product is completely free of PVC and acidic materials and therefore ideal for collectable cards.

Japanese size - These sleeves are perfect for Yugioh sized cards.