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Trivial Pursuit 2000s

by Hasbro
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Trivial Pursuit: 2000s Edition game is packed with fun and challenging questions such as, "How many millions of dogs did Americans have as pets in 2014: 23, 53, or 83?" "In which ocean is the island nation of Kiribati, which was first to say goodbye to the 20th century and hello to the new millennium? "In 2015 which Midwestern state had one recreational boat for every 6 people?" And there are lots more great questions where those came from.

Product Features:

  • Players prove their knowledge of the 2000s -- 300 trivia cards totaling 1800 questions from the 2000s
  • Updated way to play the Trivial Pursuit game
  • Includes 1800 questions from 6 categories – something for everyone
  • Now players can answer the question or try to stump their opponents
  • 300 trivia cards totaling 1800 questions from the 2000s
  • Game Includes : Trivial Pursuit gameboard, 300 cards (50 of each category), cardholder, 6 wedge holders, 36 wedges, 1 custom die, label sheet & instructions
  • Ages 16 and Up
  • 2-6 Players