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Qualify for National Champs at our Road to Nationals event!

Qualify for National Champs at our Road to Nationals event!

Unplugged Games is proud to be hosting a Road to Nationals for Flesh and Blood this August!

Players from across Australia are welcome to test their mettle against Lismore's finest Flesh and Blood players - if you are from out of town please feel free to get in touch with us for recommendations on places to stay and things to do in the region.

WHEN: Saturday, August 14 @ 11am

WHERE: Unplugged Games - 132 Dawson Street, Lismore NSW 2480

ENTRY: $30 per player - tickets available here

FORMAT: Classic Constructed - Swiss rounds determined by number of attendees, cut to a single elimination top 4/8

PRIZES: First place receives a rainbow foil, extended art Fyendal's Spring Tunic promo card and a Fyendal's Spring Tunic playmat. 

Second through fourth place receive an Exude Confidence playmat.

The top four players receive invitations to the Australian National Championships and the top eight players receive a cold foil Monarch adult hero card. 9th through 32nd receive a cold foil Aura promo card.

Booster packs will be added to the prize pool based on the number of attendees with more details available on the day.

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